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Los Angeles Rent Control Overview: What is it?

Los Angeles Rent Control Landlord Overview:

This is the first part of a series breaking down Los Angeles rent control laws.  Los Angeles rent control is laws are known as (LARSO) Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.   With so many other laws to keep track of Real Property Management East San Gabriel Valley has decided to supply a help guide to all landlords and property management companies to review and to use as questions arise with tenants.  This information is becoming more and more available to tenants and so property managers and landlords should know these restrictions as well.

Los Angeles Rent Control“The rent stabilization Ordinance is a powerful tool that protects L.A. renters. It helps to keep rents reasonable as we work to created more affordable housing.” said Mayor Garcetti. ” Making these resources available online empowers angelenos with more information about their rights, and helps us better enforce rent stabilization policies that play a crucial role in the stability of our communities.”

What is rent stabilization?

  • Rent stabilization controls rents and limits certain evictions for properties in Los Angeles.
  • It also limits the possibility for an eviction without a reason.  This makes sure a landlord doesn’t evict someone just to be able to raise the rent.

What is not considered under rent control?Los Angeles Rent Control

  • A Single family dwelling on a lot
  • A dwelling unit built after 10/1/78
  • An exempt affordable housing unit
  • Luxury units approved by LAHD
  • Hotel & motel rooms, occupied less than 30 days.
  • Rental units in converted commercial buildings with first rental use after 10/1/78

Real Property Management East San Gabriel Valley who specializes in property management of single family dwellings is asked a lot if someones home is considered rent control.   With the amount of homes that are build before 1978 this can be a common question but if it is a single family dwelling that is on the same lot it will not be considered a property under LARSO.  This however doesn’t include separate houses if they are located on the same parcel.

If a property is under rent control, the tenant has atlas eviction protections, relocation assistance, and security deposit interest.   Whether the tenant is also protected from rent increases depends on when their vacancy started which will be in another blog.

Where did it come from and where is it regulated?

  • Los Angeles City Council passed rent control in 1978 and has maintained it ever since.
  • Rent Control currently makes up about 85 percent of the city’s rental housing stock.
  • Los Angeles is so large some neighborhoods are thought of to be cities like:Los Angeles Rent Control
    • Westchester
    • Sunland
    • Northridge
    • Eagle Rock
    • El Sereno
    • Highland Park
    • Mt Washington
    • Woodland Hills

*Some neighboring cities like Glendale, Burbank and Beverly Hills are thought to have rent control but are regulated by their own cities and don’t follow the same rules and restrictions.

If you still have questions on if your property is located under rent control laws thanks to Mayor Eric Garcetti Los Angeles city’s website has included it into the zoning and planning division.

Please reach out to Real Property Management East San Gabriel Valley to help answer questions or to have us manage your property.  One mistake can cost you thousands of dollars and having a lot of time consumed taking care of one tenant.

All Resources have been obtained from Los Angeles Housing Authority Websites and Real Property Management East San Gabriel Valley has given a break down of laws effective 2016.

For more tips from Real Property Management East San Gabriel Valley view our Blog.


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